The Benefits of Hormone Therapy
Both men and women have estrogen in their body.   Even so, women record high levels of estrogen than men. It helps in maintenance of bone density and health and also the productive system.  Loss of estrogen can be caused by medical conditions or aging.   The changes experienced during menopause are mainly caused by low levels of the hormone. However, estrogen is no the only hormone in the body, though it is the major one that will cause havoc when the levels go down.   No matter what you do, you will need hormone therapy at some point so that you can remain healthy. Menopausal symptoms are not fun to deal with.   Women in menopause will be affected by hot flashes, insomnia, chills, fatigue, vaginal dryness and moodiness.  If you start hormone therapy, these will not be issues to cause you to worry.  To get more info, click hormone pellet therapy and weight loss.  The bone density also decreases when the estrogen level goes down.  The chances that you will end up suffering from bone conditions and sustain fractures are high if the bone density loss is significant. If you want to maintain independent mobility you ought to go on hormone therapy.

 The outer sexual organs will also be susceptible to dryness if the estrogen in your body is not enough.   If your vaginal canal is dry then sexual intercourse will be very uncomfortable for you.   People who engage in sexual intercourse on a regular basis will be happier and healthy.  Your reproductive system should be in the topmost condition for that to happen. To learn more about  Hormone Therapy, visit sottopelle.   The effects of low estrogen level can interfere with the quality of your life to the point where your productivity goes down and it is better to go on hormone therapy early enough instead of risking that.   Sleep is crucial for your brain and body to function well the next day.  When you are sleeping, that is the time these structures will be able to rejuvenate.   When you are sleeping, the cells which were damaged are repaired.   You will have a problem with the sleep cycle when you have low levels of hormones in the body. Thus, if it means going on hormone therapy so that you can sleep well then you ought to do that.

Depending on the hormone therapy you are on, it has been shown to decrease the risk of cancer.   If hormone therapy can protect you from cancer then it is something you should definitely try.   You may not even have to take the hormonal pills on a daily basis which is pretty easy to keep up with. Learn more from

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